The Voice of the Ocean in Westminster

The Ocean Conservation All Party Parliamentary Group

Mission Statement

The Ocean Conservation All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is a powerful and unique platform representing the voice of the ocean. Its purpose is to bring together parliamentarians from all political parties, with cross-sectorial stakeholders including environmental NGOs, academics, and business leaders to, discuss, develop and drive solutions to protect and restore the marine environment through policy and legislative change.

Our vision is to restore the ocean for the good of people and the planet.

Key Achievements

Deposit Return Scheme

A comprehensive deposit return scheme (DRS) has been a key policy objective for the group since its inception in 2014. The group has played influenced the design and implementation of the proposed system.

Plastic Free Parliament

Following a freedom of information request revealing 2 million avoidable single-use plastic items were purchased in 2017 by the House of Commons and House of Lords, the Plastic Free Parliament campaign was backed by 180 MP’s. The campaign was successful in drastically reduced plastic use across the Parliamentary estate.

Protect Our Waves Petition

The APPG was founded in 2014, following a petition delivered to 10 Downing Street signed by 55,000 individuals and supported by 25 MP’s, calling for better protection of UK waves, oceans and beaches.