About the APPG

The Ocean Conservation APPG brings together politicians, peers, charities, experts, academics, business leaders and other key stakeholders into a participatory space where expertise, ideas and networking converge to help better protect the marine environment. 

The group aims to examine a broad range of issues, including:

Water Quality – Water is essential for all life on our planet and pollution of our rivers and oceans has a huge detrimental impact upon us and wildlife The laws that have cleaned up UK waters were made in Europe so as we prepare to leave the EU, we must ensure we keep our coastline clean and safe for everyone to enjoy through strong and progressive legislation that at least matches that of the European Union.

Plastic Pollution – Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues facing our marine environment. Our oceans are at choking point. Its critical we all play our part in tackling this issue with governments putting in place strong legislation, businesses reducing and redesigning products and packaging, and individuals taking responsibility for their purchasing. Policies to stem the flow of plastic at source are in existence, we just need to implement them.

Global Heating – The Earth is warming at an alarming rate. Increasing ocean temperatures affect all marine life, causing coral bleaching and the loss of breeding grounds for fish and mammals. They also affect the things we rely on from the ocean – threatening fish stocks, causing more extreme weather and accelerating coastal erosion.

Marine Protected Areas – Overfishing has had a devastating impact on the biodiversity of our oceans. The consequences are far-reaching for the future of the food we eat and, because healthy oceans absorb half the CO2 we produce, for the stability of the climate.

This platform enables the collaborative development of policy drivers and legislative change to better protect our marine environment.

Since the groups inception in 2014 (formerly known as the Protect Our Waves APPG), which consisted of an initial group of 23 MPs and the official delivery of Surfers Against Sewage’s 55,000 signature strong Protect Our Waves petition, the group has brought together over 80 Parliamentarians from both houses and become the authentic voice of the ocean in Westminster. The APPG also played a crucial role in the successful Plastic Free Parliament campaign, launched by Surfers Against Sewage, challenging the 2 million single-use plastic items used in the House of Commons and House of Lords in 2017. 

On the 5th June, 2019, the Ocean Conservation APPG unveiled its draft three year strategy outlining its future direction and objectives.

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