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Ocean Wellbeing

Ocean Recovery and Human Health


In the run up to COP26 and with the return of the Environment Bill the parliamentary calendar is getting increasingly busy and we have therefore made the decision to postpone the event until after COP26. 

We are in the process of confirming a new date to ensure the event can be as useful as possible for parliamentarians.   

Join us in discussing the benefits of ocean recreation and blue space access for individual and societal health and wellbeing. We will also talk about the integral role the ocean can play in the UK health care system and provide further reasoning behind protecting the ocean. 

We will excitingly be joined by the UKs most successful female Olympic sailor Hannah Mills, fresh from winning a Gold at Tokyo 2020! In addition, the CEO and Founder of the Wave Project, Joe Taylor, will be joining us to discuss life-saving surf therapy and the power of the ocean to improve mental health. Dr Matthew White will be providing us with valuable insight on how protecting the ocean protects many of the most vulnerable communities. Last but not least, Hugo Tagholm, will present the results from Surfers Against Sewage Ocean Recovery Report and will discuss the benefits of a safeguarded ocean for future generations.

Past Events

Water Quality and AGM

Sewage Pollution: what are the solutions?

22rd March 10:00 – 11:30

We analysed the potential solutions to sewage pollution, by examining the benefits of nature based solutions, emerging technology and new legislation such as the Sewage Bill and Environment Bill (now the Environment Bill). 


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