Upcoming Events

World Ocean Day Reception: A Dive into Marine Protected Areas

June 2022

This event we see the group come together to celebrate World Ocean Day. The group will be joined by a number of keynote speakers to discuss ocean recovery with a focus on Marine Protected Areas.


Annual General Meeting

June 2022

The AGM will allow members of the group come together to discuss the past years activities and opportunities for the year ahead.

Past Events

Ocean Wellbeing

Thriving Oceans, Thriving People

December 2021

The group discussed the health and wellbeing benefits of blue space access for people and the economy. The the integral role blue spaces can play in the reducing pressures on the NHS and social care system. Read the minutes

Water Quality and AGM

Sewage Pollution: what are the solutions?

March 2021

We analysed the potential solutions to sewage pollution, by examining the benefits of nature based solutions, emerging technology and new legislation such as the Sewage Bill and Environment Bill (now the Environment Act. Read the minutes. 


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